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Universities, Engineering Schools, Business Schools: higher education institutions are making the move to a mobile campus. 

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Your mobile App

For each campus its tailor made solution

  • Fully customized

    Your students will easily identify your institution

  • Effective communication

    Move away from emails and get 90% of opening rates using Push notifications

  • Real-time alerts

    Campus life now get automatic alerts on every students smartphone

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A recognised mobile and student expertise 

Dedicated resources

AppScho allocates a specific team to each project to assist you all the way through your mobile app launch and make it a success.

Higher Education experts

Our team of mobile apps developers are specialized in Higher Education project delivery.

Quick implementation

From 6 weeks out, your mobile application is available with minimum work from your teams.

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AppScho mobile apps, the answer to your institution’s different needs

Academic information

Students can access their schedule, grades and absences directly on their smartphone.

On the go access to campus services

Information about your institution’s libraries, cafeterias and accommodations is centralised on your mobile app.

Promotion of campus life

Events, conferences, webinars… Everything is on the mobile app.

Administrative documents

Internship agreements, school certificates… Students can view and download all the documents you make available to them.

Less emails

Reduce the number of emails sent.

Automatic notifications

Students are automatically notified when there is a change in their schedule.

Real-time communication

Send personalised push notification messages to your users.

Keep in touch with all members of your community

Including prospects, applicants, students, alumni and staff!

Personalised mobile experience

Promote targeted services for everyone on- or off-campus (prospects, applicants, enrolled students, faculty, alumni or the wider community).

Centralised information

All the information intuitively accessible at the tip of their fingers.

Better onboarding

Welcome your new students with a digital solution meeting their expectations.

Indoor mapping

Go a step further by offering an in-app indoor wayfinding solution.

Snackable information

Students won’t miss out on any news, announcements and updates.

Campus life

The best tool to promote campus life and activities.

Greater sense of belonging

Help your students feel like they belong from day one.

Student feedback

Organise mobile surveys to measure the effectiveness of your digital strategy.

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