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Empower students to share their experiences and to take part in campus life. Offer your students and visitors a fully mobile campus experience.  


Indoor mapping

Help your students find their way around your campus. Reduce tardiness and welcome newcomers and visitors properly. ✓ Access to interior and exterior maps of your buildings ✓ Search engine to locate resources ✓ Itinerary generator that takes into account people with reduced mobility

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Satisfaction surveys

Understand your students and make effective decisions. Engage your community and create an environment tailored for success. ✓ Use of notifications which guarantee a high response rate ✓ Reliable answers thanks to the ergonomic mobile survey format ✓ Surveys and results accessible via your My AppScho management platform

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Problem reporting

Make sure you offer the best welcome conditions on your campus. Thanks to your users, react efficiently to the reporting of material problems. ✓ Quick entry of the problem via the mobile app: with written information, photos and location ✓ Reporting of all types of material problems (cleanliness, damages, other) ✓ Automatic sending of an email to the team in charge of site maintenance

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We highly value data protection throughout all our operations

Native iOS & Android apps

To each mobile system its own app: iPhones get their own app, and Android phones their own as well. Both app operate using a different programming language. This approach, called “native apps”, is opposed to “cross platform” where only one programming language is used for all phones. This is made to ensure state-of-the-art mobile apps, leveraging each phone own resources and capabilities.

Content Aggregator

We run as a content aggregator. We process RSS feeds generated from your different upstream sources, sometimes from different providers, and ensure interconnectivity in-between them. The data is then centralised within your app. We do not host nor store your data on our servers; we redirect it, hence enabling proper data privacy.

Data security

We are GDPR compliant. Every AppScho component is carefully reviewed to ensure we process, retain and transmit the minimum viable amount of data required to operate the requested services.


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